Notes on Everything and Nothing At All

I am liking this new quiet(er) routine.

I just typed that Q word and my toddler started crying.

So nevermind all that.

And I was just listening to a podcast (Girls Gone WOD) about how kids sense when you wake up in the morning, so “getting up before they do” is an impossibility for lots of moms…

Notes, read in a whisper:

    Isn’t “Girls Gone WOD” about CrossFit? Do you do CrossFit? No. No, I don’t. Do I even really know what it is? Also, no.
    Is that even the name of that podcast anymore? Also no. I am way behind on nearly all my podcasts, and I believe that particular one has changed names now.

What I mean(t) by “quiet(er)” is that now that my oldest is back to in-person learning, I have some space to breathe a bit. I do have a toddler directly under my leg right now — he is right now kicking my foot — but I don’t have a toddler underfoot, a five-year-old to entertain AND a seven-year-old to bribe into doing his “school” all at the same time.

All of this is to say that I’m running a couple of groups, if you’re interested.

    Short Story Club. We had our first virtual get-together this past week. We will meet monthly. I choose two short stories — one classic, one contemporary — and we chit chat about them.

    Creatives for Creatives. This is an ongoing accountability group for all kinds of people wanting to start, maintain or build their creativity in whatever way fits. We check in daily and we are meeting once or twice per month online. There are prizes for meeting certain goals and achieving milestones.

Reach out in the comments if you wanna know more.