Erin Lunde

Stories About Telling Stories

The Re-surfacing

I’m re-surfacing. I’m publishing my newsletter, Stories About Telling Stories, again. Here is the most recent edition. You can subscribe here. I’m also writing on Substack stuff that I hope will keep me motivated through the nine months of winter here in Minneapolis. I released a podcast episode, too. I can hardly wait to resign […]

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Noise Canceling

We are back to distance learning. Three kids, two of whom don’t read, one of whom doesn’t talk. All of whom need. I am not adjusting with any semblance of grace, but I thought I’d try to write something humorous or at least light in tone for each day that they are home, from the […]

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What’s the Why Here

Here I am at the end of the first week of January and I cannot begin to imagine I have any idea how the rest of this year will unfold. Therefore, I’m not into resolutions or plans, really. I am thinking about what’s really helping me, though. I’m engaging more with writing flash fiction, which […]

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