Short Story Club Titles for January 2023

Welcome, hello.

I run a short story club.


Our titles for January 2023 are…

“Virgins,” by Danielle Evans (2007)


“Everyday Use,” by Alice Walker (1973)


“Sonny’s Blues,” by James Baldwin (1957)

We will gather online at the end of the month to discuss. Send a DM to me @everythingerinlunde to join.

Eighteenth Day: The Final 50

The school district and the teachers’ union have come to a tentative agreement, and so it looks like we will be back in school some time next week.

I am grieving. The loss of family, any normalcy, predictability, kids’ progress, their friendships. The rest of this school year. I’m calling this my last 50 words as I’m deeming today, with the tentative agreement, as the last day of the strike. Technically, I’m wrong. But I’m wrong a lot.

Seven months ago my nephew died. He was a public school teacher. I could almost see him out on the picket line these past few weeks, an outspoken, confident, passionate young man. Shortly before his death, he was organizing a coat drive for kids in need.

Teachers shape our communities.

Seventeenth Day

I attended the Public School Funding Discussion last night. The strike is over as of a tentative agreement made overnight, but shit we have troubles going forward. I have many more than 50 words, but this is what I’m adding for yesterday’s 17th day since the strike was called.

Days spin out and everyone is sick.

The strike is ending and we’re still under water. The state is still trying to get out from under the cuts to education made years ago.

What can I do. Vote Republicans out. We’re one of only two states with a split legislature.