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I write: Accountability

I am supposed to have two pieces of writing ready to share with my writers’ group on Saturday. Here’s one: I was in the hospital. I’m going to use that as an excuse. Critiques? Comments? I actually do have something that I started in November when my writing penpal and I challenged each other (and […]

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My time in the hospital

I wonder for how long I’ve been ignoring the messages my body has been yelling at me. Certainly I should have known that the sensation of vertigo was enough to leave work, but I was so eager to get back to seeing clients after having had laryngitis for a week that I decided that nothing […]

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Perhaps I am back at it

Hey. I had a rough few weeks. My husband was out of town, I have two babies, I got sick, etc., etc. But, here I am. Over the weekend I went to the conference “Writing the Novel & Crafting Your Career,” given by The Loft Literary Center. Sure, I haven’t written the novel yet, and […]

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