Episode 15 of Read Write Review

In this episode, I read Part Two of my three-part prompt challenge. I offer another prompt, “…a character … answers the door to nothing but an intricate envelope on the ground; an invitation.” I recommend the podcast The Slowdown. Please feel free to join my two groups, Short Story Club and/or Creative Connections online. Find me on Twitter @erinhadelunde and on Instagram @everythingerinlunde. I’m writing on Substack as well. motherhood minutes. is at erinlunde.substack.com.

Episode 14 of Read Write Review Out Now

New episode out today. Episode 14. He Finds a Tower / Short Story Club

In this episode, I read what I wrote off of Prompt 1 from this three-part challenge and offer another prompt: Your main character finds a small tower buried beneath the ground. In Short Story Club this month, we’re reading “The Appropriation of Cultures,” “The Gilded Six-Bits” and “The Strange Story of the World.” I recommend you check out Minneapolis Storytelling Workshop. Find me @everythingerinlunde on Instagram and Facebook, as well as @erinhadelunde on Twitter. I’m also writing on Substack. 🙂

Listen and let me know if you use the prompt(s).