Good Ancestor Podcast & two takeaways

I’ve been keeping track of the podcasts I’ve been taking in over these past few days as I’ve been re-organizing my media playlists. Especially since George Floyd was murdered, I have been seeking podcasts and hosts and media figures who are BIPOC. I’m really liking Good Ancestor Podcast with Layla F. Saad. I’ve heard two episodes so far — Ep028: #GoodAncestor Candice Braithwaite on Being a Black British Mother and Ep029: #GoodAncestor Nicole Cardoza on the Reclamation of Wellness — and I’m looking forward to more.

I didn’t know about Layla F. Saad before I heard these episodes. Of course, she is the author of Me and White Supremacy (which I haven’t read yet). From her website:

Layla is unapologetically confronting the oppressive systems of white supremacy and patriarchy, while offering important teachings and tools for transforming consciousness, cultivating personal anti-racism practice and taking responsibility for our individual and collective healing.

This! This is what I’m hunting right now.

me and white supremacy cover

There is so much in both of these episodes. Unfortunately, I can’t remember all of it. There is a lot to return to, but I can’t right now. Two items that struck me were these:

1. Candice Braithwaite and her partner agonized over the names to give their children, not because they were afraid the names were in the Top 100 lists and therefore too popular or some other nonsense but because the concern was whether or not white people would be able to pronounce and spell them. They were being careful about how the names would be read and spoken and treated in a white society.

2. Nicole Cardoza used “underestimated” to describe people who are in other instances described as “marginalized” or “minority.”

good ancestor podcast

I acknowledge that I have privilege and opportunity and advantage, relative to many. I know this. I struggle with how to use this for good. Vote, to be sure. I will certainly do that. Research the candidates for local elections, including school board. Teach my kids, somehow, to be thoughtful people. The list goes on. Engage.

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