Fifteenth Day

How many times have you cried today?

The district says there’s a newer, wider gap and that they again have offered their last, best offer. There is a newer, wider gap between my mind and where it used to be.

Why is it hard to fund public education? And live on one full-time job?

Another week disintegrates.

One Reply to “Fifteenth Day”

  1. Hi Erin, Thank you for your writing. Your inspirational writing. Your voluminous writing. Your writing because how many other mothers of three children can write like you do? Wow!

    Please keep on writing. You are speaking for many more than just you. You are giving voice to active motherhood.

    The rest of us can look back at carefully taken photos, and even videos.

    Oh, that’s how my kids’ voice sounded when she was little. One of your kids is really little and is still developing his voice!

    Please keep writing!

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