Seventeenth Day

I attended the Public School Funding Discussion last night. The strike is over as of a tentative agreement made overnight, but shit we have troubles going forward. I have many more than 50 words, but this is what I’m adding for yesterday’s 17th day since the strike was called.

Days spin out and everyone is sick.

The strike is ending and we’re still under water. The state is still trying to get out from under the cuts to education made years ago.

What can I do. Vote Republicans out. We’re one of only two states with a split legislature.

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  1. Hi Erin,

    Exactly! We can vote Republicans out!

    That is, Republicans are for using LETRS to teach reading, and this is a great idea – Decoding Dyslexia supports this idea – LETRS

    Unfortunately, when it comes to providing the funding for schools necessary to pay teachers responsibly and provide an equitable education to students, Republicans have a negative “track record” at doing this.

    Yes – we can vote – and we can work with organizations that organize phoning and texting efforts to encourage people in other parts of Minnesota to vote Democrats (DFLers) in!

    Take Action MN.

    Minnesota DFL.

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