I write: What I’m writing nowadays

What am I writing nowadays? When do I do it? What good questions I ask myself nearly every day. Sometimes the answers are “nothing” and “never,” but I want the answers to more often be “something” and “whenever I can shove it in a 30-minute block of time between working and mothering and wife-ing.”

I did have two flash fiction pieces published late last year.

The Dog in the Moonlight was published in Flash Fiction Magazine.

Copycat can be found at 101 Words.

Next, a big fat novel! No, not really. Not for a few more years. I’d have to truly start it first. My writing accountability partner and I share 1,000 words of original work every week. By that I mean she sends me her 1,000 words, and I send her 1,000 words of excuses for not creating work. Now that I think about it, I wonder if that would meet my word count… However, my project at the moment is to write a stand-alone piece of fiction in a 30-minute chunk of time whenever I can do it. Ideally, that would be every day. Realistically, maybe twice a week. Maybe.

I’ll keep this space updated on that progress.

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  1. I like your goal! Writing is a practice and it takes time to develop a habit that works for you. And the moment you do….voila, some weird life thing comes up and you have to adjust. I’m not giving up on you by a long shot….p.s. I think blog word count definitely counts toward 1,000 words.

    And I love the blog. I just had a heart to heart with a friend (and my husband) who both got on me for not updating my blog (the one I keep under a pen name). So I will be back at it pretty consistently as well.

    Take care,

    1. Yes, I always liked blogging– I used to do it regularly for work– but then once the second baby came around, I just couldn’t handle everything at once. I’m looking forward to reading your blog more regularly!

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