Short Story Club Titles for January 2023

Welcome, hello.

I run a short story club.


Our titles for January 2023 are…

“Virgins,” by Danielle Evans (2007)


“Everyday Use,” by Alice Walker (1973)


“Sonny’s Blues,” by James Baldwin (1957)

We will gather online at the end of the month to discuss. Send a DM to me @everythingerinlunde to join.

Short Story Club Titles for March 2022

Our stories for March 2022 are…

“A Perfect Day for Bananafish,” by J. D. Salinger (1948)


“The Final Performance of the Amazing Ralphie,” by Pat Cadigan (2021)


“The Finkelstein 5,” by Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah (2018)

We will gather online in March 2022 to discuss.

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Episode 14 of Read Write Review Out Now

New episode out today. Episode 14. He Finds a Tower / Short Story Club

In this episode, I read what I wrote off of Prompt 1 from this three-part challenge and offer another prompt: Your main character finds a small tower buried beneath the ground. In Short Story Club this month, we’re reading “The Appropriation of Cultures,” “The Gilded Six-Bits” and “The Strange Story of the World.” I recommend you check out Minneapolis Storytelling Workshop. Find me @everythingerinlunde on Instagram and Facebook, as well as @erinhadelunde on Twitter. I’m also writing on Substack. 🙂

Listen and let me know if you use the prompt(s).

Short Story Club Selections for January 2022

Our stories for January 2022 are…

“The Killers,” by Ernest Hemingway (1927)


“New York Day Women,” by Edwidge Danticat (1996)


“Jubilee,” by Kirsten Valdez Quade (2013)

We will gather online in January 2022 to discuss.

Want in? Comment on this post and I will send you more information.

Short Story Club Selections for November 2021

A few of us last night got online together and talked some about the stories “The Tenth of December,” by George Saunders; “Heads of the Colored People: Four Fancy Sketches, Two Chalk Outlines, And No Apology,” by Nafissa Thompson-Spires; and “The Lady with the Toy Dog,” by Anton Chekhov.

In November, we’re reading:

“The Monkey’s Paw,” by W. W. Jacobs (1902)


“The Dog of the Marriage,” in the collection by the same name by Amy Hempel (2005)


“Soul Case,” in the collection “Falling in Love with Hominids,” by Nola Hopkinson (2015).

We will gather online in November 2021 to discuss. Let me know if you’d like to join by commenting on this post or finding me on Twitter @erinhadelunde .